Mustie1 – Profile

Mustie1 is one of those guys that, when the zombie apocalypse arrives, you are definitely going to want on your team (like most of the YouTube creators that feature on this blog).  He has an extensive home workshop equipped with the tools required to get most jobs done.  He appears to be able to breath life into anything that runs on petrol or electricity.  He has an unfathomable collection of old vehicles, including several VW camper vans and numerous motorcycles (some of which appear to be scratch built – probably by Mustie1).  The restoration of these make up a significant percentage of the content he produces.  He also appears to be addicted to yard sales, where he regularly picks up dead or dying items that he then breathes new life into.  He, unsurprisingly, has an extensive group of friends and neighbours that he regularly carries out repair work for – so the items he works on includes generators, snow blowers, tractors and lawn mowers, in addition to the classic vehicles that make up most of his content.

He regularly shows that he is knowledgeable and skilled at:-

  • mechanical engineering
  • servicing and tuning
  • welding and metal fabrication
  • metal paintwork and rust-proofing
  • wiring and general electrical work

In the latter part of 2017 he has acquired and customized some shipping containers, placed at a more remote location, which have extended his secure storage.  This has allowed the clear-out of some of the vehicles at his home (and possibly other locations) so that space in and around the workshop is now available for more projects.  It looks like this is going to allow him to create another functional VW camper from three (or more) donor vehicles, in an upcoming series.

He’s got a friendly, humorous way of communicating and teaching his audience – more in the style of chatting with a buddy over a beer.  At the end of most videos he simply thanks the audience for spending some time with him in the shop – never pushing merchandise or patreon support.  His videos often end with a section, without explanation, that is completely random and unconnected with anything else in the video – shots related to his location, pets, visits, trips and hobbies.

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