Daves VW hippie bus frame repair

In this video Mustie1 demonstrates several of the skills he’s acquired over, what appears to be, many years of practice; metal fabrication and welding.

The VW bus patient has a serious rust problem in its rear frame, where the frame and torsion tube meet.  The repair involves removing the damaged area of the frame, fabricating replacement patches, welding them in place and protecting them from the elements.  Mustie1 carries this out with his usual eye for detail, explaining his approach along the way in his friendly and familiar style.  His skills are abundant and readily apparent, but he never descends into condescension.  He’s just a grounded guy, showing other people how he does things.  Even if you never plan on crawling under an old VW bus with a welder, watching Mustie1 doing so will give you an appreciation of what’s involved and why experience is more important than a clean workshop or a shiny suit.

After repairing the frame, the bus is then taken for a quick road-test to confirm that the service/tune-up that Mustie1 carried out off camera had also had the desired effect on the VW’s performance.

His videos often end with a short, random piece unconnected with the main subject – and this video is no different – featuring the dinosaur toy (acquired/fixed in a previous video) terrorising some chickens.


YouTube description:-

Dave and I made a trade for some safari front windows for some work on his bus, most of it getting the rear frame around the torsion tube. I replaces the factory 16 gauge with 11 gauge. it is now the strongest part of the bus.

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