Shapeshifting Deepstaria Jelly | Nautilus Live

A short highlight video, captured by the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Hercules of the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus, at the Revillagigedo Archipelago (a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, off the west coast of Mexico).  If you enjoy Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, or anything involving Jacques Cousteau – this may be the channel for you.

The video features a Deepstaria Jelly, filmed using Hercules’ normal HD camera – and a specialised low light camera, to try to capture any bioluminescence present.

The excitement of the scientists, observing the encounter from the comfort of the observation room of the EV Nautilus above, is as contagious as the footage is mesmerizing.  Every dive of these vessels reinforces how complex and varied life in the ocean is, and how much we risk when we endanger their (and our) environment.

The two laser beams that appear in some of the footage do not harm the animal and are used to provide a scale in the otherwise featureless expanse of water (they are set parallel and 100mm apart)


YouTube description:-

During these first ever ROV dives in Revillagigedo Archipelago, the Nautilus team has encountered some truly otherworldly organisms. This Deepstaria jelly awed us with its shapeshifting abilities as its bag-like bell inflated and undulated with current created by movement of ROV Hercules.

Capturing prey in its voluminous bell, a strikingly geometric network of canals delivers nutrients throughout this large jelly’s body.

This close encounter was captured with both our normal ROV Hercules HD camera and a low light camera for bioluminescence designed by Dr. Brennan Phillips at University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography and David Gruber at the City College of New York/Baruch College.


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