Neat 120-240V chunky LED panel indicator light

This is a follow-up video from bigclivedotcom covering the panel lights that appeared in a previous video.  The lights can be found on eBay.

Clive does his usual teardown of the lights and improvises a circuit diagram to show how the lights are wired up internally.  All accompanied by his typical knowledgeable observations and humour.

The Cliff Quicktest that Clive uses to connect the panel lights to the mains is now available from several sellers on eBay and Amazon in the UK.

YouTube description:-

By popular request, a look at the chunky panel indicators I used on the generator changeover switch video. These ones came from this eBay listing:-

They have a wide range of indicators, but keep in mind they are probably aimed at the Chinese industrial market and may not comply with local standards.

These indicators will work on a wide voltage range but will be dimmer at lower voltage. If the internal capacitor is shorted out the indicators will work on 12V-24V DC if the existing internal resistor is 1200 ohm half watt as it is in this indicator.

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