Inside some random eBay LED lamps with machined housings

In which Clive dismantles two different types of eBay sourced GU10 LED lamps. The COB (chip on-board) style one was supposed to be 9W but ended up being around 3W, so not particularly well described on eBay (but typical of accuracy of how items get described on eBay – i.e. not very).  The second, swivel style lamp’s power was described (and tested) at 1W – so a more reasonable and accurate claim.

They both used a typical power supply for these style of lamps – nothing jumped out as unusually good or bad. The components were all rated for the correct UK voltages – but, as always with untraceably sourced eBay items, what’s printed on the components isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the quality of the device (any listing on eBay should have a footnote that reads “you pays your money, you takes your chance.”)

Both lamps had well engineered aluminium cases, for heat dissipation, nice lenses and could easily be hacked to change LED colour or type (UV, etc.) if desired.

If you ignore the power rating in the description of the COB style lamp (and you always should) both lamps are worth the very small price being asked.

YouTube description:-

I thought I’d throw in an old-skool lamp video. I used to make quite a lot of videos about random LED lamps, but the electronics seem to have standardised so much now that the mechanical construction is the most interesting bit. They use a lot of nicely machined alloy components. They also seem to have moved on from just doubling the rated power for sales purposes to tripling it. The COB LED in the larger lamp is based on six half watt emitters wired as three sets of parallel pairs wired in series.

I’ve taken one of the small swivel lights apart before, but this one seemed to clamp the LED down better. It uses a very standard 1-3W driver that can put out between 2 to 12V at a current limit of 300mA. This allows it to drive just one LED or up to three in series (probably four if using red or yellow LEDs.)

Here’s a search link to the littler swivel 1W LED lights:-…

And a starter link for the slightly harder to find large COB style:-…

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