Inside a 60 LED “rechargeable” camping light

This is a quick (6:38) video by bigclivedotcom, tearing down a rechargeable camping light (available on eBay).

It has 60 straw hat LEDs, arranged in concentric circles, which draw about an amp of current from the battery when all are illuminated.  They can be turned on in stages (5, 17 and all 60)  – to provide lower light levels and, consequently, longer battery life.  The circuit board doesn’t include charge protection – so if you are going to hack the device and use a high capacity 18650 lithium cell, you need to make sure you have sourced the type that include their own on-board protection (or use a charger that caps the voltage at 4.2 volts).  Like many products of this type, it’s controlled by “a ubiquitous, anonymous, 8 pin chip – that resembles a PIC micro-controller.”

Overall, it appears to be a reasonable product (remembering the lack of charge protection) which is being sold by many eBay sellers – and the competition means it’s available at very reasonable prices.  This may, however, not be the product for you, if you plan to use lithium rechargeables.


YouTube description:-

I bought this while I was looking for the different styles of inflatable solar camping lights. It’s what you might expect for the price.

If using an 18650 lithium cell then make sure it’s either protected or use a compatible charger with the output capped to 4.2V.

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